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Judit Nagy Realization Process Healing Ground Teacher & Practitioner       Content: Offerings Offering details Pricing, contact information  About me   °°°   Offering #1 :  30-minute Realization Process Private Session   Offering #2 :  30-minute Embodied Peer Listening/Dyad Introduction   Offering #3 :  30-minute Embodied Eating Practice    Offering #4 :  Self-Made Fermented Veggies Basics - Preparation + 30-minute video call    Offering #5 :  Realization Process Practice Teaching (Partner work) 40-60 mins   Offering #6 :  Embodied Peer Listening/Dyad 40-75 mins   °°°   Offering details :   Offering #1 :  30-minute Realization Process Private Session Experience the Realization Process practices for embodiment, grounding, self-contact, balance, centeredness, emotional ’cushioning’, disentanglement, psychological healing and individuation. Voice recording of the session is available if requested. Please note : I am not